Theory of Change

We believe reaching the hearts and minds of every school staff member first is the key to ensuring the fidelity of LGBTQ inclusion in the curriculum and paving the way for lasting societal change that is welcoming and safe for all LGBTQ people.

When classroom teachers include LGBTQ history and people as part of the unfolding story of America, that visibility and representation convey a message of belonging and respect. And when all school staff members, explicitly or implicitly, convey the same message, it moves the idea of culturally responsive schools into action and all students benefit. Because of this, we encourage schools to open the first session of our training to every school staff member, as it is meaningful and relevant in every context.

Student introducing Bayard Rustin to classmates


"I didn't think this training would be relevant for me, but it has opened my eyes and I now understand why we all need to make it clear we support and respect LGBTQ students." - Sandra, MS parent coordinator 

Our professional learning, instructional resources, and ongoing mentorship work together to provide K-12 schools with the supports they need to create systemic change and advance our mission of achieving genuine understanding and equality for all LGBTQ people.