Theory of Change

We believe LGBTQ visibility and representation in the history and social studies education all students receive will create classrooms, communities, and a country where all LGBTQ people live freely and with dignity — advancing the ideals of American democracy. We also believe that realizing this change requires a comprehensive and adaptive approach. 



Our leadership team co-authored the National Council for the Social Studies Position Statement on contextualizing LGBTQ history (2019). The statement provides recommendations for states drafting new inclusive curriculum policies framed within the inherent complexities of implementation and how the policy can be realized within individual and institutional short-term and long-term calls to action.


Catalyzing community support is complex, and our team of experts is uniquely prepared, with decades of experience, to engage with stakeholders about our LGBTQ-inclusive, intersectional curriculum. We help schools navigate potential disagreement by customizing support for classroom teachers, school and district leaders, and providing parents and caregivers with an informational session.



K-12 schools and districts do not have equal access to resources, including budgets for supplemental history and social studies curriculum and educational technology. Our high-quality digital curriculum aligns with the US Department of Education's Guidelines for Educational Technology Purchasing with Title Funds, and the one-time cost ensures perpetuity with options for ongoing support.