Professional Learning + Inclusive Curriculum

History UnErased’s groundbreaking “Intersections and Connections” curriculum is the FIRST and ONLY K-12 LGBT+ inclusive US history curriculum in the nation that contextualizes LGBT+ history and normalizes LGBT+ identities. Our holistic, non-judgmental, age appropriate approach encourages critical analysis, develops historical thinking skills, and meets the needs of rising generations of students. 

In addition to the critical academic content, History UnErased knows that to have sustainable adaptive change, teachers have to be prepared. We ensure teachers are well-equipped to implement our “Intersections and Connections” curriculum by providing intellectually inspiring professional learning -- the critical first step -- which develops classroom teachers’ proficiency and confidence in bringing LGBT+ history into their classroom, allowing for that sustainable adaptive change to happen.

We understand teachers and school administrators may be concerned about potential pushback from parents, community members, maybe even students. Because of that possibility, our professional learning is designed to prepare teachers and schools to address those concerns. We accomplish this during the professional learning by role playing to help you determine how best to respond to the unique needs of your school and providing a virtual peer-to-peer support system for your school or district. 

“Intersections and Connections” curriculum reflects five years of research and development and is aligned with state and national standards, integrated literacy approaches, and contextualized pedagogy. All instructional resources are anchored in critical analysis of copyright-secured primary sources curated from libraries, archives, and historical societies from across the nation, as well as the Library of Congress, National Archives, Smithsonian Institution, and more.





We want you to be a part of this critical and necessary work. There are schools RIGHT NOW across the nation, ready to bring our curriculum into their classrooms, but don’t have the funding. Your donations and support help History UnErased continue putting life-affirming and potentially life-saving LGBT+ history into its rightful place - the classroom. We need your help. Please donate now!

IMPORTANT NOTE: As schools across the nation transition to online teaching and learning in response to COVID-19 precautions, and more states are requiring schools to teach LGBT+ history, "Intersections and Connections" is a unique resource to support both of these efforts as our professional learning and instructional resources have always been offered through a digital platform designed for both traditional and online teaching and learning. Contact Us