ReFraming the Lens of History

We help teachers bring LGBT voices into the social studies to ensure equitable classrooms where ALL students can reach their full potential to learn and achieve.

Why LGBT-inclusive Curriculum Is Important

EQUITY. For LGBT youth, learning the stories and history of LGBT people demonstrates that they are not alone, and that others like themselves have played a vital role in our nation and world.

INCLUSION. For non-LGBT identifying youth, learning a more accurate and inclusive history develops an appreciation of human diversity – which in turn creates safer, healthier schools.

IMPACT. Rising generations of safer, healthier, better performing students who participate in our world with deeper understanding and greater sophistication.

“It’s upsetting this has been erased from history. We cannot let ignorance rule any longer.”


Olivia, age 17

“Everyone in the world needs to learn about this. This can change the world.”


Mohammad, Iraqi refugee

“Why do the adults make this such a big deal? This is history. We have a right to know.”


Andy, age 16

We want you to be a part of this.



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