If you were to look only at US history textbooks, you wouldn't know LGBTQ people had anything to do with building our nation. And that's a problem.

History UnErased is solving that problem by putting LGBTQ history in its rightful place--the classroom--with our groundbreaking Intersections and Connections US history curriculum.

History UnErased putting LGBTQ history in its rightful place - the classroom.


LGBTQ people have, of course, existed throughout history, but their absence from our nation’s classrooms is teaching all students that LGBTQ people do not exist and therefore not a part of America’s history. This national problem in K-12 education allows misunderstanding and fear about LGBTQ people to continue, resulting in discrimination, violence, and bullying in our schools.


Visibility and representation have the power to change this.

History UnErased is a social justice education-focused nonprofit committed to safe schools, diversity and inclusion, and equity for all students in K-12 classrooms. We help correct this national problem by unerasing history through our LGBTQ-inclusive US history curriculum, professional development, anti-bias training, and advocacy work.


People included in the curriculum

Decades ago, LGBTQ people were encouraged to "come out of the closet," and as a result people began to realize LGBTQ people existed throughout society--they might even be family, friends, or coworkers. With those acts of courage and greater visibility, the movement was able to shift the conversation toward equality. The LGBTQ movement has come a long way, as evidenced by the recent and historic US Supreme Court ruling that LGBTQ people are protected by the Civil Rights Act of 1964--another step in reversing the damage that society has done to LGBTQ people.



But there is still much work to be done, and that is where we come in. History UnErased's mission of putting LGBTQ history in its rightful place--the classroom--is bringing LGBTQ US history out of the closet and ensuring all students, today and beyond, gain a more complete story of America and a more accurate reflection of who "We, the people" includes, promoting genuine understanding and equality for all LGBTQ people. 

People included in the curriculum around an image of the US Constitution


History UnErased’s groundbreaking Intersections and Connections curriculum is the FIRST and ONLY K-12 LGBTQ-inclusive US history curriculum in the nation that contextualizes LGBTQ history and normalizes LGBTQ identities. In addition, our curriculum, even though it looks through the lens of LGBTQ history, represents all the humans who have shaped America's story.



People and places included in the curriculum

We want YOU to be a part of this critical and necessary work.

There are schools RIGHT NOW across the nation ready to bring our curriculum into their classrooms but don't have the funding. Your donation and support help History UnErased continue putting life-affirming and potentially life-saving LGBTQ history into its rightful place--the classroom. We need your help. Please take action today!



Our Reach

We are currently in 927 public middle schools and high schools in New York City. In addition, our curriculum and professional development training have reached schools and districts in eight states: California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maine, Ohio, New Jersey, Washington, and Wisconsin.





Important note: All instructional resources are available through, our secure, password-protected digital platform, which includes enhanced features and functionality to support traditional and remote learning.





Our instructional resources integrate LGBTQ history into the larger story of America, from colonial Jamestown through the 21st century, and allow LGBTQ people to be seen for the first time in an academic, intersectional, civics-based context. 



Our professional learning experience is designed to enhance the expertise of educators and develop proficiency and confidence with LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum. Training is delivered as a hybrid of live sessions and self-directed engagement.



We are working to influence educational leaders and politicians throughout the country to change their curriculum laws to include teaching LGBTQ history, and we are campaigning state boards of education to require training on LGBTQ history.




Rising generations of students, teachers, and staff are surrounded by LGBTQ topics in the media, pop culture, politics, and recent legislation. The time is now to support our mission of putting LGBTQ history in its rightful place--the classroom.

How you can help


Everyone benefits when our children have access to better education. And we have options for everyone, including parents, students, teachers, community members, and organizations, to help advance our mission. Please join us!

Theory of change


Representation matters. When LGBTQ people and other minorities are included in the story of America, it conveys a message of belonging and makes it much more difficult to continue discriminatory laws, policies, and cultural practices.