Our mission is to UnErase LGBTQ+ history in K-12 schools to create a more just and harmonious world.


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This is the long-awaited resource book that answers what, where and how to infuse LGBTQ history and academic content for grades 9+. Each of the 50 ways provides background information, discussion questions, learning outcomes, access points and suggestions for further exploration.

28 introductory examples!

Why It Is Critical to Infuse LGBTQ-inclusive History and Academic Content within K-12 Core Subjects

Despite undeniable advancements for LGBTQ equality, the statistics relating to LGBTQ youth and homelessness, suicidality, dropout rates and risk behaviors are worsening. Study after study speaks to the unique opportunity and responsibility K-12 schools have to mitigate these statistics through the presentation of a more honest and inclusive curriculum.
For LGBTQ youth, learning a more accurate and inclusive history demonstrates that they are not alone, and that others like themselves have championed for LGBTQ equal rights and have contributed to the development of our nation and world. For non-LGBTQ identifying students, learning the stories and history of LGBTQ people (as we label and understand today) develops an appreciation of human diversity, which in turn encourages prosocial behavior and creates safer, healthier schools and communities. This is a visionary approach to disrupt the cycle of bullying and harassment, advance the equitable treatment of LGBTQ people, and continue the path toward lasting LGBTQ equality.
History UnErased provides educators with the exceptional training and resources they need in order to introduce LGBTQ-inclusive academic content with proficiency and confidence. 

When teachers are well-prepared, the reach and impact is profound.

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“It is upsetting that this has been erased from our history. We can’t let ignorance rule any longer.”


Olivia, age 17

“Everyone in the world needs to learn about this. This can change the world.”


Mohammad, Iraqi refugee

“Why do the adults make this such a big deal? This is history. We have a right to know.”


Andy, age 16

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