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If you were to look at a high school history textbook, would you know LGBT+ people existed? Guess what - you wouldn’t. And that’s a problem.

  • History UnErased is a grassroots organization in the trenches solving that problem by putting LGBT+ history in its rightful place - the classroom.

  • How? With History UnErased’s Intersections and Connections curriculum, the first and only LGBT+ inclusive United States history curriculum in the nation that contextualizes LGBT+ history and affirms LGBT+ identities, meeting the needs of a new generation of students.

  • History UnErased is making an impactful difference in over 900 schools. But there are schools right now, across the nation, ready to bring History UnErased’s LGBT+ curriculum into their classrooms, but don’t have the funding. Your donations and support help History UnErased put life-affirming and potentially life-saving LGBT+ history into its rightful place - the classroom.

  • In addition to the academic content, History UnErased also provides intellectually inspiring professional learning and ongoing mentorship, facilitated by K-12 educators experienced in developing classroom teachers’ proficiency and confidence in bringing LGBT+ history into their classroom.

  • We strive to represent all identities in everything we do, which is why we use LGBT+ to reflect, in addition to the enumerated LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans), queer, non-binary, intersex, and more.


No unicorns. No rainbow stickers. No "issues". History UnErased is all about empowerment though a better, more complete social studies.

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The first and only LGBT+ social studies curriculum aligned with state and national standards.
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