If you were to look at a US history textbook, would you know LGBTQ people existed? Guess what—you wouldn’t. That’s the problem.

History UnErased is solving that problem by putting LGBTQ history in its rightful place—the classroom.



The Time Is Now to UnErase LGBTQ History in Our Nation's K-12 Classrooms

History UnErased's Intersections & Connections Curriculum is the first and only complete K-12 LGBTQ-inclusive US history curriculum in the nation—and is essential for lasting LGBTQ rights and equality. 



History UnErased putting lgbtq history in its rightful place, the classroom.


History UnErased is an education non-profit bringing life-affirming, life-changing, and life-saving LGBTQ US history into the mainstream curriculum in K-12 schools across the nation.  

People who we label and understand today as LGBTQ have always existed–in every part of humanity–but the absence of LGBTQ narratives in our nation’s classrooms means that students never learn the stories of people and events that were critical to the founding and shaping of the United States. Erasing this history teaches students that LGBTQ people never existed. And the absence of LGBTQ identities in what students learn about our shared human history has been doing harm, as evidenced by the staggering statistics relating to LGBTQ youth and suicidality, homelessness, and risk behaviors. But our Intersections & Connections curriculum is changing this!

"This isn't LGBTQ history, it's just history. Everyone should be learning this from elementary school on." — Michele, grade 8 student


student and teacher in classroom


Our curriculum is bringing LGBTQ history into the stories of people and events that were critical to the founding and shaping of the United States and our world. This visibility is conveying messages of belonging, respect, and empowerment–and everyone benefits.

As our curriculum makes LGBTQ history a part of mainstream history, it is also allowing students to apply their own identity lens(es) as they approach their learning, whether it be race, gender, ethnicity, or nationality. This ensures dignity and equitable representation for all students in the story of "We the people." And our whole-school approach and sustainable model ensure educators are well-supported. 


"I wish this was part of my childhood education, as it would have been life-changing to have learned LGBTQ history in school. History UnErased's curriculum is essential to ensure a welcoming place for us in society." — Jim, parent



Managing the Fear of Change

Reaching the hearts and minds of every school staff member is the first step in paving the way for lasting societal change that is welcoming and safe for all LGBTQ people. We include ALL school staff in the introduction to our LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum to address the social, cultural, and political fear that often accompanies the idea of teaching of LGBTQ history, especially because our curriculum connects with topics of race and gender.



Our whole-staff training addresses concerns head-on to help dispel misperceptions and allay any fear. And our information session for parents and caregivers also addresses concerns head-on about what our curriculum includes, and doesn't include, which is working to dispel their misperceptions, allay any fear, and include them in their child's learning.




"None of us know what this should look like so imaginations run wild. Glad I came. I am definitely leaving this meeting with my mind changed and happy to have learned. We ALL have a lot to learn! – Cecilia, K-5 parent


We want you to be a part of this new frontier for LGBTQ rights and equality. There are schools RIGHT NOW, across the nation, ready to bring our curriculum into their classrooms but they lack the funding. Your donation and support help History UnErased continue putting life-affirming, life-changing, and life-saving LGBTQ history into its rightful place–the classroom.

We need your help. Please donate now!


"Everyone in the world needs to learn about this. This can change the world." — Mohammad, 17