Intersections and Connections US History Curriculum

Our instructional resources broaden the social studies from colonial Jamestown through the 21st century, and our contextualized approach ensures LGBTQ and all minorities are represented within a more complete, complex, and empowering story of America.



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Intersections and Connections curriculum reflects over six years of research and development by expert curriculum designers, historians, classroom teachers, librarians, education policy leaders, and advocates. Read our key conceptual underpinnings HERE.



Our library of over 30 instructional resources are targeted for grades 3 through 12 and offered through, our secure digital platform which now includes advanced features and functionality to support both traditional and remote learning:

  • Secure, password-protected portal for individual schools or districts
  • Teacher's guides, interactive student guides, and analysis tools are now offered as both digital flipbooks and downloadable, writable PDFs with embedded resources and links to primary sources
  • Ability to create classes and assign materials to students
  • Student portal to access assigned materials and submit work directly to teachers (no personal identifying information is collected from students)
  • Online discussion forum for peer-to-peer mentorship within each school or district
  • Recursos en Español

Schedule a private 30-minute live demo of Intersections and Connections curriculum for up to five (5) members of your staff. 


Gladys Bently, Stonewall Inn riots, Sarah Rosetta Wakeman Lyons, Magnus Hirschfeld

Professional Learning

Our virtual professional learning is included as a critical component of Intersections and Connections curriculum. This intellectual preparation enhances the expertise of educators and develops their proficiency and confidence with an LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum. This is the critical first step, and our training options are designed to meet the needs of classroom educators as well as state and district leadership teams.