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Intersections & Connections

Our curriculum package is designed as a whole-school or whole-district partnership model. The one-time cost includes three intertwined components: 

  • Primary source-based digital curriculum designed for integration within mainstream US history and social studies courses

  • Virtual professional learning with a variety of options to meet unique needs

  • Ongoing support with our monthly office hours and special programs

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Digital, Interactive, Multimedia K-12 Curriculum 

Intersections & Connections broadens US history and social studies from colonial Jamestown through the 21st century. Much of our curriculum is offered in Spanish and world history curriculum is coming! 150+ primary source-based teaching materials include:

  • Thematic units and case studies with teacher's guides and interactive student guides
  • Illustrated stories, videos, interactive games, book lists, posters, and more!
  • One-step functionality to easily share with students (no registration or login)
  • Automatic updates and revisions & automatic addition of new content

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"When I ask my students at the end of the semester to write about the most important thing they learned, the majority of students wrote about what they learned from your curriculum." - Danielle, high school educator


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Virtual Professional Learning

Our curriculum package provides live-session training, including an informational session for parents/caregivers and full-staff training. We include additional training options to meet the unique needs of elementary educators or secondary educators, including targeted approaches for content area teachers, school and district leaders, ELL/MLL classroom teachers, librarians, and more.

Our facilitators are expert educators with decades of field experience who provide the intellectual preparation needed to teach our curriculum with proficiency and confidence. 

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"This was the most helpful professional development that I have ever attended. Not only were issues addressed, but your curriculum could not be any easier to incorporate.. They are easily accessible and so impactful."- Hubert, elementary educator


Introducing Our LGBTQ-inclusive Curriculum

In this short video, you will meet Amber, a middle school teacher, who is practicing introducing one of our thematic units during a virtual professional learning session. You will also meet Ann, Amber's colleague, who reflects on how Amber's approach allows students to see connections to their own lives to enhance their learning - illustrating the intent of our contextualized pedagogy.

This video was recorded during a professional learning session and shared with permission.


Ongoing support with office hours and virtual soirées

Ongoing Support

Our monthly office hours are providing sustainable support for educators, and our unique special programming is providing extended learning opportunities beyond what is included in our curriculum for K-12 classrooms.

As we continue to learn from educators about their and their students' evolving needs, we incorporate their input to adapt and improve our digital platform and professional learning to stay current and provide the most meaningful and relevant learning experience for all.  

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"Your curriculum, books, and the available workshops are very helpful for my classroom and our whole school. Thank you so much for doing this amazing work. The support you provide is unmatched!" - Brian, elementary educator



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Our Curriculum Reflects Over Eight Years of Research and Development

Intersections & Connections is anchored in copyright-secured primary sources curated from digital and print collections from libraries and archives across the nation, as well as the Library of Congress, National Archives, National Park Service, and more. And the expertise of historians, archivists, librarians, classroom teachers, curriculum designers, instructional coaches, and education policy leaders is woven into every aspect of our curriculum.


In 2019, History UnErased's leadership team co-authored the National Council for the Social Studies Position Statement on Contextualizing LGBTQ History. We are providing K-12 schools with the curriculum, training, and support they need to create systemic change, realize the position statement's intent, and advance our mission of putting LGBTQ history in its rightful place–the classroom.