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Current conversations about the teaching of US history in our nation's K-12 classrooms are giving rise to many questions and, quite often, much confusion. Given this fact, we compiled lists of the most frequently asked questions from each group about our LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum (parents & caregivers, community members, educators, and state & district leaders) to help everyone better understand what our curriculum includes (and doesn't include) and how we work with K-12 schools.

What are the top two questions everyone is asking? Click on the questions to read our answers!



Presidential medal of freedom

"What is an example of your elementary curriculum?" 

Our Presidential Medal of Freedom unit, targeted for Grade 3, is anchored in an illustrated story about eight recipients of the medal. These short biographies contextualize various identities within the ideals of American democracy and heroic endeavors. The primary sources (original documents and objects created during the time period under study) are the President's comments, written and spoken, during the awards ceremony. Students also learn about the symbols in the medal and their meaning, and the "Who Am I?" interactive game reinforces learning.



Questions from Community Members

Questions from Parents/Caregivers