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All opportunities are funded by the New York City Council and are exclusively for NYC DOE educators.

History UnErased's Intersections & Connections digital K-12 curriculum includes 150+ primary source-based teaching materialsand it is NYC DOE-approved! The interactive curriculum includes thematic units, case studies, videos, interactive games, and much more. Get your school's account credentials by clicking the button below.

Virutal professional learning for NYC DOE schools

We offer a variety of virtual training options for individual schools. We work with you to ensure the most meaningful and relevant outcomes based on your school's unique needs, including training for full staff, ELL teachers, parent coordinators, and many more customizable options for elementary or secondary contexts. CTLEs are provided!



Virtual Professional Learning with CTLEs


Disrupting gender norms

Disrupting Genders Norms from the 17th Century to the Early 20th Century: This interactive, multimedia session introduces individuals who played with–or even defied-gender expectations of their time, and how they used gender disruptions to prosper. This historical context on how disruptions of gender norms existed across time & place helps students make connections to today. Click below to register!

UnPacking OUT with HIV/AIDS Case Study: This interactive, multimedia session explores the social, political, and economic implications of the federal government's funding to combat the spread of AIDS from 1981 - 1990. This historical context helps students make connections to today's world through a cross-disciplinary approach weaving STEM, social studies, and economics. Click below to register!

The Harlem Renaissance through an LGBTQ Lens: This interactive, multimedia session explores the Harlem Renaissance through an LGBTQ lens case study. We will unpack some of the music, poetry, and more that prompted historian Henry Louis Gates Jr. to claim that the Harlem Renaissance "was surely as Gay as it was Black." This case study connects ELA and Fine Arts with History and Social Studies.


Diversifying libraries

Diversifying Classroom Collections and School Libraries: This interactive, multimedia session explores where to find and research potential selections, tips for conducting a diversity audit, how to engage students in your new collections, and examples of LGBTQ-inclusive fiction and nonfiction titles for elementary, middle, and high school classroom collections and school libraries. 

UnPacking Pauli Murray: Overcoming Jane Crow: Analysis of Rev. Dr. Pauli Murray's concept of "Jane Crow" and the shortcomings of the Civil Rights Movement in regards to the advancement of rights for women, as well as an introduction to Murray's personal correspondence with physicians in the field of endocrinology.



Eric Marcus and the Give Voice to History Project

In the late 1980s, Eric Marcus began recording over 100 audio oral history interviews with LGBTQ activists and pioneers from the 20th century. These interviews informed Eric's authorship of two books and inspired the award-winning series Making Gay History–The Podcast.

Eric will come to your high school and provide an assembly for your students of his audio oral history tour using the Give Voice to History Project podcast series. Students will hear about Eric’s experiences meeting these extraordinary people and listen to their brave, funny, and often frustrating tales of championing LGBTQ equality.

Important Note: The Give Voice to History Project podcast series is produced in partnership with History UnErased for grades 6-12 and is different from the Making Gay History podcast series intended for adult audiences.

UnErasing LGBTQ History and Identities podcast

For K-12 educators who want to create LGBTQ-inclusive classrooms, getting started can be confusing--and quite often prompts some fear:

What if I say or do the wrong thing?

What if there is pushback?

And where do I even begin?

This podcast series provides real-world advice and reasonable, practical strategies on how you can create LGBTQ-inclusive classrooms. Check out our most recent episode!

This podcast series is funded by the New York City Council and developed by History UnErased in partnership with Making Gay History. To listen to more episodes, click the Podcast button below or find us on Apple PodcastsSpotifyGoogle PodcastsiHeartRadio, Amazon Music, or Stitcher. 



Youth equity podcast logo


Our youth equity programming is a semester-long podcast project funded by the New York City Council and in collaboration with Houses on the Moon Theater Company. We believe real human stories spark transformation and that students' unheard stories have the power to create real change in our world.

Our pilot season dropped on July 2nd, 2022. Have a listen! 

  • Ep 1: "Don't Say Gay?" Featuring Prism Club Students from Aviation High School
  • Ep 2: "Art Class Matters!" Featuring Students from the Bronx High School for the Visual Arts