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We Believe

Creating an inclusive curriculum is part of a whole school approach towards tackling homophobic bullying, supporting LGBT+ students, and respecting difference. Curriculum that is inclusive of LGBT+ people, perspectives, and history is important for many to have successful, happy lives and careers, and to reach their greatest potential, whether they identify as LGBT+ or not. 

Our Approach

We work with expert educators, content designers, archivists, and historians to deliver relevant, evidence-based curriculum and educator resources. Our approach incorporates exciting new methods designed to reframe history to include LGBT+ voices, and give students a rich exploration of primary and secondary sources. Clear access points and unique skills-based extensions provide educators with the tools to introduce LGBT+- inclusive history and academic content with confidence, and the embedded resources are accessed from the Library of Congress, National Park Service, ONE Archives Foundation at USC Libraries, New York Public Library, and more - validating the rationale for inclusion and providing a significant opportunity for impact. History UnErased is endorsed by all of the aforementioned institutions and GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders (GLAD), Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, and New York City Department of Education.

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Example Resources from Our Give Voice to History Project Curriculum 


FRANK KAMENY AND THE LAVENDER SCARE Digital Instructional Map for grades 10+

Frank Kameny and the Lavender Scare Digital Instructional Map is anchored in Frank Kameny's archival audio oral history testimony from the Give Voice to History Project, produced in partnership with Making Gay History - The Podcast. This digital inquiry map is a unique method to give students agency as they explore embedded resources to analyze the intersection of the origins and consequences of domestic anti-communism efforts (the Red Scare) with the Cold War persecution of "homosexuals" (the Lavender Scare). Embedded in the digital poster (diagrammed above) are buttons that lead to background information, vocabulary, media, primary and secondary sources, discussion questions, and much more. Frank Kameny and the Lavender Scare is also available as a hard copy 36" x 24" poster.