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Our systematic approach to bring LGBT+ history into the classroom. 

Methods + Content + Training

METHODS: Clear access points in the curriculum follow NCSS Thematic Strands, Common Core ELA Standards, and include History UnErased's recommended LGBT+ history and Women's history content within the new Massachusetts History and Social Science Curriculum Framework.

CONTENT: High-quality instructional materials work to contextualize LGBT+ history within the broader narrative of who, and which groups, have influenced social, political, cultural, and economic aspects of our world. 

Our cross-curricular approach invigorates the curriculum with real-world relevance, and all of our resources are grounded in primary and secondary source materials curated from the Library of Congress, National Park Service, Smithsonian Institution, National Archives, Massachusetts Historical Society, and public libraries and archives from across the nation.

The digital Teacher's Guide includes:

implementation strategies

unique inquiry model

learning outcomes

essential questions

guiding questions

innovative games

skills-based activities


*Complementing 24" x 36" classroom posters are available for individual purchase at the UnErased Store.

TRAINING: Exceptional professional learning and development delivered by expert classroom teachers who get it - you're busier now than ever before! Our intellectually exciting training models reasonable implementation strategies and honors and includes teachers' experience and expertise.


HUE's thematic curriculum offers an inquiry-based approach to contextualize LGBT+ history within the broader historical narrative, and includes a digital Teacher's Guide, case studies, and complementing 24" x 36" classroom posters.