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Our interactive, multimedia virtual Corporate DEI Sessions introduce LGBTQ+ historical figures who have been systematically erased from history. Content spans from colonial America through the 21st Century and is presented through an intersectional lens. One-hour and 90-minute session options can be scheduled throughout the day Monday - Friday and can be customized to meet unique needs.

Contact us here or email [email protected] to request a consultation. It is a great investment in your team's growth and engagement!


"Exceptional!" & "Inspiring!" is how Nasdaq, Wipfli, Digitas, New England Biolabs, MassBio, Enterprise Bank, JP Morgan Chase, and more rated their session with History UnErased.

"Thank you so much for such an amazing and exceptional presentation! I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for the enlightening experience it provided. The content was not only engaging but also sparked a deep curiosity within me to learn and read more. I am sincerely grateful." - Alakarthika Ulaganathan, Data Scientist, Nasdaq

"Attendees were thrilled to learn so many interesting LGBTQ+ history facts that we were denied access to in our youth. After the session, I received messages of gratitude and excitement for the inspiration History UnErased provided us!" - Lisa Sky, Talent Chair, Wipfli Pride BRG, Wipfli LLP

History UnErased is leading the nation in K-12 educational equity with Intersections & Connections LGBTQ-inclusive, intersectional US history and social studies curriculum for mainstream courses, which includes teacher preparation and perpetuity. When you secure a DEI session with History UnErased, you are helping to expand History UnErased's reach and impact to more schools across the nation.