Reimagining Rights and Responsibilities

History UnErased's executive leadership contributed policy recommendations to revive and advance LGBTQ rights as part of a major research report published by the Harvard Kennedy School Carr Center this month, Reimagining Rights and Responsibilities in the United States: The policy recommendations are intended to support the next administration with a comprehensive and strategic plan to address the current dangers to American civil rights and civil liberties. 

According to the research, a bipartisan majority of Americans believe the following "are essential rights important to being an American today," beyond those specified in the Constitution and Bill of Rights: clean air and water; a quality education; protection of personal data; a job.

Bipartisan super-majorities believe the following are also essential rights: voting; equal protection; free speech; equal opportunity; privacy; racial equality.

A smaller bipartisan majority believe the following are essential rights: religious liberty; the right to bear arms; LGBTQ+ rights.