History UnErased Brings LGBTQ Topics to the Classroom--CBS News

History UnErased's mission is to make LGBT topics part of the mainstream U.S. education curriculum. Debra Fowler, the organization's co-founder and executive director, joined CBSN to discuss her inspiration for the program and the important role it plays in teaching American history.

Reimagining Rights and Responsibilities

PRESS RELEASE: History UnErased's executive leadership contributed policy recommendations to revive and advance LGBTQ rights as part of a major research report published by the Harvard Kennedy School Carr Center this month.

"NCSS's Position on an Inclusive Curriculum"

In September 2019, the NCSS Board of Directors approved a position statement that was co-authored with Debra Fowler, Co-founder & Executive Director of History UnErased, and Dr. Steven LaBounty-McNair, Executive Board Chair of History UnErased. Like History UnErased, we want to make sure that the students and educators who come after us are not just better off, but are better than us, better at understanding, better at empathy, better at creating a world where all people belong.