History UnErased Brings LGBTQ Topics to the Classroom--CBS News

History UnErased's mission is to make LGBT topics part of the mainstream U.S. education curriculum. Debra Fowler, the organization's co-founder and executive director, joined CBSN to discuss her inspiration for the program and the important role it plays in teaching American history.

Reimagining Rights and Responsibilities

PRESS RELEASE: History UnErased's executive leadership contributed policy recommendations to revive and advance LGBTQ rights as part of a major research report published by the Harvard Kennedy School Carr Center this month.

Complete story of 'We the People' requires LGBT+ people in history lessons

The first three words of the United States Constitution — “We the People” — proclaim who is enacting the nation’s most important document. Yet as I progressed through my education, the “people” read about, the “people” who belonged in society, were lectured upon, revered, and who shaped the nation as I knew it, did not include people like me or Mr. Buttigeig, members of the LGBT+ community.