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 Creating youth leaders to introduce LGBTQ academic content in K-12 schools

High school students are MAKING HISTORY UnErasing LGBTQ history, as they become the leaders in their communities to introduce LGBTQ academic content to their schools and local organizations. The year-long program and curriculum provides participating students with 24 hours of study and training:

* Engaging with an introduction to LGBTQ history as is relevant to Social Studies, English Language Arts, STEM, Health and Fine Arts

* Gaining first-hand insight into the struggle for LGBTQ rights from HUE’s original “living history” guest speakers

* Learning public speaking skills and facilitation skills

Community Engagement

HUE’s youth leaders offer workshop-style presentations on the need and relevancy of LGBTQ history and academic content for:

  • Elementary, middle and high school administrators and teachers
  • Parent organizations (PTA or PTO)
  • Community organizations

“If I had known about Bayard Rustin and his work with Martin Luther King I would have felt much better about myself. I feel cheated and inspired.” Andy – Lowell High School student

“I firmly believe in the value of including LGBTQ history within school curricula as the most powerful tool towards ending bullying and combating ignorance.” Joe – Burlington High School

HUE’s LGBTQ Studies Institute curriculum is perfect for school GSAs, as it provides youth with agency and a voice for education policy reform. Contact for more information.

It’s Academic

Integrating LGBTQ history and academic content in K-12 classrooms is an idea that is layered with complexities. Most K-12 educators have not had the opportunity to engage with LGBTQ topics through an academic lens, so introducing this content with presentations from students has the power to dispel myths and misperceptions and convey the profound need and relevancy of LGBTQ academic content in today’s classrooms.

The Research

The erasure of LGBTQ history and people in K-­12 curriculum has significantly contributed to the disparities in education outcomes between LGBTQ and non-­LGBTQ students, as recently reported in the CDC’s 2015 national Youth Risk Behavior Survey. The CDC reports that LGBTQ youth experience greater levels of sexual assault, trauma, HIV/AIDS infection, depression, suicidality and substance abuse.

The CDC, as well as countless other studies, encourage the inclusion of LGBTQ academic content in K-12 schools as a method in mitigating these statistics and improving school climate and education outcomes for all students.


“Everyone needs to learn about this. This can change the world.” (Mohammad – 17)

“Why do the adults make this such a big deal? This is just history.” (Eddy – 17)

“Why am I just learning about this now?” (Natalia – 18)


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