UnErasing LGBT History in K-12 Schools 

Teacher Enrichment with Impact

We train teachers to introduce LGBT-

inclusive content with confidence.

LGBT History in the K-12 Social Studies Classroom WEBINAR September 20 – 7:00pm EDT

REGISTER TODAY! This History UnErased webinar is sponsored by the National Council for the Social Studies

Preparing TEACHERS is the KEY

Here’s how we’re doing it.

Challenging Perceptions

“This training allowed us to consider various perspectives, and I was able to consider my own individual perceptions (or misperceptions), as well as look at larger cultural and historical contexts.”

Refining the Lens of Equity

“Presenting a more honest history to all students is a matter of respect and human decency. HUE’s training and curriculum gave us the what, where, and how to do this with confidence.”

UnErasing LGBT History

“Including LGBT history is the most powerful tool towards ending bullying and combating ignorance.”


Safer, healthier, better performing

students who participate in their

world with greater sophistication.

Key Benefit for Massachusetts

HUE’s founders were the LGBT history and women’s history Content Advisors for the newly adopted revision of the Massachusetts History and Social Sciences Curriculum Framework.

Key Benefit for California

HUE’s Equity Curriculum complies with the Fair, Accurate, Inclusive, Respectful (F.A.I.R.) Education Act and is aligned with national social studies and history education standards.

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