Teacher Enrichment with Impact

The Complexities of Language

HUE understands that educators want to learn which terms are appropriate and in step with the language their students are using today, but can be overwhelmed with their rapid expansion. Examining the history of language connected to LGBT+ identities gives educators a deeper understanding of the political, social, and cultural forces that have influenced the breadth of terms today’s youth are navigating.

Learning LGBT+ Content through Inquiry

Educators participate in hands-on inquiry using HUE’s unique Inquiry EduSystem™ to critically examine the intersections of LGBT+ history and other histories as a fundamental part of the broader historical narrative. Educators gain a more contextual understanding of the vital role LGBT+ people and social movements have played in the development of our nation and world, as well as the relevancy and rationale for inclusion.

Methods and Strategies for Infusion

HUE provides clear, simple answers to what, where, and how to infuse LGBT-inclusive topics, including thematic expansion, specific LGBT+ history topics, Lenses of Analysis, History Mystery game, and more. Educators will learn explicit access points in current curricula and methods and strategies for easy implementation.

We believe the teaching profession - and your influence - is more important today than ever before, as rising generations strive to engage, participate, and achieve in an increasingly complex world. And we are here to support you.

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