Youth Equity Programming

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The term "equity" is different from equality, which is providing the same for all. Equity relates to fairness and justice. And the idea of equity is an ongoing process that strives to overcome intentional and unintentional barriers arising from bias, systemic structures, and/or social constructs.


Dear Students,

The past two years have been complex, challenging, and exhausting for many. You have endured a lot--and you have grown a lot, too. And a part of this growth has most likely expanded your awareness of significant issues of equity in society. We will help you talk about these issues in a supportive, respectful environment where all can participate within their own comfort level.

History UnErased's Youth Equity Programming uses a dynamic mix of interactive games and activities to help you discuss your identities, explore issues of equity and inclusion you see in your world, and help you see how your voice can play a role in creating change in your school and community. 

Which issues of equity have you noticed? When did you notice these issues? Why do you believe you were able to recognize these issues of equity? Which issues of equity are the most important to you?

We believe your ideas and your voices have the power to spark transformation and create real change in the world. 




Dinah Mack headshot

Dinah Mack (She/Her/Hers) is a veteran middle school Social Studies teacher and has Master's degrees in both Education and Cultural Anthropology. Dinah is the author of two books and has worked as a freelance curriculum writer, technology integrationist, and K-12 teaching coach. Dinah has developed and run youth activism programming for more than ten years and is currently History UnErased’s youth equity program coordinator and professional learning facilitator.

Mor Erlich headshot

Mor Erlich (He/Him/Mor) is an animator, educator, and creator of the SezMe web series which captures unscripted interviews with children of all backgrounds to encourage conversations about gender identity, gender fluidity, and gender expression. Mor's multidisciplinary educational programs offer affirming, uplifting, colorful, and engaging entertainment for the whole family. Mor is currently a facilitator for History UnErased’s professional learning and youth equity programming.


Fatime Al-Muntafik headshot

Fatima (Timmy) Al-Muntafik (They/Them) is an accomplished musician and taught elementary and secondary level Arabic Language and Musical Arts courses in Baghdad, Iraq, prior to moving to the United States in 2015. They are currently in a college of education program at California State University of Pennsylvania, a member of the Cambridge Symphony Orchestra, and a facilitator for History UnErased’s professional learning and youth equity programming.