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Join our mission of putting LGBTQ history in its rightful place – the classroom – by spreading the word to schools in your area.

Thank you! Your voice matters.


Most people, including educators, did not learn LGBTQ-inclusive history when they were in school; therefore, they are not aware LGBTQ history is missing from what all students learn in history class. 

Your outreach to schools is vital to help us advance our mission of putting LGBTQ history in its rightful place –the classroom. You can copy and paste the text below in an email to a school principal, director of curriculum and instruction, social studies chair, and/or the superintendent. 

I am pleased to introduce you to History UnErased, a groundbreaking organization with the nation's first and only complete K-12 LGBTQ-inclusive US history curriculum designed to be integrated within mainstream courses. History UnErased's primary source-based curriculum is aligned with history and social studies standards for elementary, middle, and high school-level courses and their digital platform features thematic units, case studies (some offered in Spanish too), as well as interactive games, posters, podcasts, videos, analysis tools, and much more.

Also, they know teachers and school administrators are concerned about potential pushback and include an informational session for parents and caregivers as part of their curriculum package. 

History UnErased was featured on CBS News in June 2021. In this 10-minute clip, which features a Bronx high school, you will meet one of the founders and learn more about the organization's mission and work with K-12 schools. You can watch it on their About Us page


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Pauli Murray One person plus one typewriter constitutes a movement


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