Professional Learning

A Critical Component of Intersections & Connections Curriculum Package

Our whole-school or whole-district approach includes an informational session for parents/caregivers and full staff training, and our customizable options include training sessions for content area teachers, district leaders, ELL teachers, and school librarians and media specialists.



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Informational Session for Parents/Caregivers 

We tailor these webinar sessions to meet the unique needs of parents and caregivers and/or school boards or school committees. We work with you to address the most significant needs in your school community with day, evening, and weekend scheduling options and with no limit on the number of participants.

"None of us know what this should look like so imaginations run wild. Glad I came. I am definitely leaving this meeting with greater understanding and happy to have learned." – Cecilia, K-5 parent


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For Full Staff 

This training is relevant for all school staff and promotes LGBTQ cultural competency through an interactive and engaging introduction to LGBTQ-inclusive history and language. Our full staff training is targeted for either elementary, middle, or high school contexts.

"I didn't think this training would be relevant for me but I loved learning some LGBTQ history I never had access to before and the discussions it brought out with colleagues." - Joe


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For Content Area Teachers

This training unpacks our contextualized pedagogy, models methods and strategies for introducing our curriculum, explores the indicators of students meeting or exceeding expected learning outcomes, and analyzes authentic scenarios. This training is targeted for either elementary or secondary contexts.

"I was so inspired that your curriculum includes LGBTQ history in such an academically rigorous way. I absolutely love the diversity and the depth of the teaching materials!" - Amber


school and district leadership training

For School and District Leaders

This training is tailored through systems, behavioral, and public health lenses to build strategic adoption support of our LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum. We structure the training to align with your current state and/or district policy, as well as provide methods and strategies to manage potential discomfort or resistance.

"This was by far the best training we have ever had. Thank you for an incredible day of learning, thinking, and reflecting. I feel much better prepared to support our teachers and engage with the community about this new initiative." - Fred


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For ELL/MLL Educators

This training analyzes unique implications and considerations for your context of students, the potential parent/caregiver concerns from a multi-cultural and multi-lingual perspective, and methods and strategies to overcome language barriers.

"There is no "one-size-fits-all" for all ELL and SLIFE so I appreciated learning from educators who have actually done this work. And the authentic scenarios were so helpful!" - Evelyn


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Diversifying Classroom Collections and School Libraries

This training presents where to find and research potential selections, tips on conducting a diversity audit, how to engage your students and/or faculty in your new collections, examples of fiction and nonfiction titles for K-12 students, and the current social, political, and cultural conversations about inclusive books. 

"This expanded my understanding of accessibility and equity and I learned so much!" - Sue


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Youth Equity Leadership 

We offer a variety of options for youth equity training to help students discuss the issues of equity they see in their world and help them uncover the intersecting goals in addressing these issues of equity. For more information, please contact us.

"I joined this leadership training because I was tired of day-long celebrations of diversity which do nothing! This training has been awesome and we now have a solid plan to take to supporters to spark real change." - Charley


History UnErased's co-founders and professional learning facilitators have presented at the following conferences on integrating LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum: National Council for the Social Studies, National Council for History Education, Organization of American Historians, Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources, New England Library Association, New England League of Middle Schools, and the Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents. 


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UnErasing LGBTQ History and Identities: A Podcast for Teachers

For educators who want to create LGBTQ-inclusive classrooms, getting started can be confusing--and quite often prompts some fear. What if I say or do the wrong thing? What if there is pushback? And where do I even begin? Each episode provides real-world advice and reasonable, practical strategies to help you create inclusive classrooms.

Go to our podcasts here!



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Virtual Soirées

Our virtual soirées are always unique and feature special guests, raffle prizes, and fun surprises! Bring your favorite sips and snacks and join host Kathleen Barker for this special programming, offered weekday evenings every month from 7:30 - 8:30 p.m. Eastern and open to all! You can learn exciting, intellectually inspiring LGBTQ history and ideas to make classrooms inclusive for all students.

Learn more and register here!