Professional Learning

Intellectual Preparation

Our professional learning experience is designed to enhance the expertise of educators and develop proficiency and confidence with LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum. This intellectual preparation is anchored in History UnErased's Educator Resource Guide and delivered as a hybrid of live sessions and asynchronous engagement. 



There is no such thing as a single-issue struggle because we do not live single-issue lives. Audre Lorde quote


  • Examining implicit biases: implications in curriculum, classroom practice, and mindsets
  • Unpacking History UnErased's pedagogy and its role in advancing systemic change
  • Engaging with methods and strategies for implementation 
  • Analyzing assessments and learning outcomes
  • Strategic adoption support
  • Structuring sustainable mentorship



Teachers and school administrators invariably tell us they are concerned about potential pushback from parents, community members, maybe even students. Because of this, our professional learning now includes a component of strategic adoption support to address those concerns. Our experts bring decades of experience advocating for LGBTQ inclusion in our nation's schools and help educators successfully advance community support and navigate potential disagreement or discomfort. Our approach advances this effort in ways that minimize opposition by reminding stakeholders of our shared values for our schools.

History UnErased community support



I was so inspired that LGBT history was approached here in such an academically rigorous way. The materials that you have included and the context that you provide will go a long way towards making teachers who perhaps are not so comfortable feel like they can teach this and teach it well. I absolutely love the diversity and the depth of the teaching materials. - Amanda, NYC grade 8 teacher, May 2020