Our Mission and Team


Miriam and Deb -- being classroom teachers -- recognized a serious problem: LGBT+ history was missing in the curriculum. They left the classroom to solve that serious problem and History UnErased was born.

But this revelation and response didn't happen overnight.

History UnErased's story is rooted in Miriam's and Deb's experience teaching new immigrant and refugee students, but most importantly, History UnErased was inspired by the experiences and identities their students carried with them into the classroom. You can read all about it here: A Surprising Genesis Story

Since its founding in 2015, History UnErased has garnered support from the Library of Congress, National Park Service, National Council for the Social Studies, Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, New York City Department of Education, California's F.A.I.R. Education Act, and more. And the organization has grown from its two co-founders to a team of kind, dedicated, mission-driven professionals from the Philippines to Rhode Island (and places in between) sharing their skills, experience, research, and creativity. And putting students at the center of it all.