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Virtual PD for Secondary Educators

  • LGBTQ-inclusive history, language, and cultural mindsets
  • Intersections and Connections digital platform tour
  • Secondary level LGBTQ-inclusive social studies content
  • Engaging with methods and strategies for implementation
  • Analyzing authentic scenarios from the classroom

Each participant receives their school's unique account credentials to access Intersections and Connections primary source-based digital curriculum. View the full list of resources here.


December specials are for everyone! Bring your favorite sips & snacks and join our virtual soirées from 7:30 - 8:30 PM Eastern.

Thurs, Dec. 9th: "Less Than Straightforward Diversity in the Animal Kingdom" explores the remarkable creatures that can disguise, alter, and defy all manners of the binary! REGISTER

Tues, Dec. 14th: "LGBTQ Representation in Holiday Movies(?)" explores the history and presentation of LGBTQ themes and characters in Hollywood and beyond! REGISTER

I was so inspired that LGBTQ history was approached here in such an academically rigorous way. The materials that you have included and the context that you provide will go a long way towards making teachers who perhaps are not so comfortable feel like they can teach this and teach it well. I absolutely love the diversity and the depth of the teaching materials. - Amber




In the late 1980s, Eric Marcus began recording 100 audio oral history interviews with LGBTQ activists and champions from the 20th century. These interviews informed Eric's authorship of two books and inspired the award-winning podcast series Making Gay History.

Eric will come to your school and provide an assembly for your students with his audio oral history tour of the Give Voice to History Project podcast series, produced in partnership with History UnErased for NYCDOE students in grades 6 through 12. Students will hear about Eric’s experiences meeting these extraordinary people and listen to their brave, funny, and often frustrating tales of their championship for LGBTQ equality. (Approximately 45-minute long presentation.)

History UnErased will provide each participating school with a one-hour introduction to their school's account to access History UnErased’s Intersections and Connections curriculum, which includes complementing Give Voice to History Project podcasts, and will provide pre and post-assembly resources for students. An optional city-wide virtual follow-up session with educators and students from all participating schools will be offered in June 2022 (date TBD).

A limited number of first-come-first-served assemblies are available for booking from January through June 2022. Submit your request today! 



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Virtual Training Sessions for Individual NYCDOE Schools

We offer a variety of training options for individual NYCDOE schools, including full staff training, parent informational sessions, teaching LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum in the ELL classroom, diversifying classroom collections and school libraries, and more. We work with you to ensure the most meaningful and relevant outcomes based on unique needs. A limited number of first-come-first-served training sessions are available--secure your school today!