Monthly Special Soirées

Disrupting gender norms

Disrupting Genders Norms from the 17th Century to the Early 20th Century: This interactive, multimedia session introduces individuals who played with–or even defied-gender expectations of their time, and how they used gender disruptions to prosper. This historical context on how disruptions of gender norms existed across time & place helps students make connections to today. Click below to register!

UnPacking OUT with HIV/AIDS Case Study: This interactive, multimedia session explores the social, political, and economic implications of the federal government's funding to combat the spread of AIDS from 1981 - 1990. This historical context helps students make connections to today's world through a cross-disciplinary approach weaving STEM, social studies, and economics. Click below to register!

UnPacking Pauli Murray: Overcoming Jane Crow: Analysis of Rev. Dr. Pauli Murray's concept of "Jane Crow" and the shortcomings of the Civil Rights Movement in regards to the advancement of rights for women, as well as an introduction to Murray's personal correspondence with physicians in the field of endocrinology. Click below to register!