Monthly Special Soirées


Virtual Special Soirées are Always Free and Open to All! 

We offer unique programs every month that feature special guests, raffle prizes, and fun surprises! Bring your favorite sips and snacks and join host Kathleen Barker (you can meet Kathleen below) for one of our virtual soirées. These events are inspiring, sometimes surprising, and an engaging way to expand your knowledge of LGBTQ history!




Rodney Wilson

Meet Rodney Wilson, Founder of LGBTQ+ History Month USA, Tuesday, May 24th, 7:30 - 8:30 PM

Rodney's groundbreaking personal story is the subject of the short documentary "Taboo Teaching."

Rodney Wilson was a secondary history and government teacher in 1994 when he became the first out-gay teacher to be granted tenure in the state of Missouri; and also that year founded LGBTQ+ History Month USA, the world's first national history month for LGBTQ+ people. Given the current cultural and political storm surrounding the teaching of history and LGBTQ+ topics in K-12 classrooms, Rodney's story is invaluable for everyone to hear.





Kathleen Barker headshot


Virtual Soirée Host Kathleen Barker!

Kathleen is History UnErased's program director and lead facilitator, as well as contributing to the ongoing enhancement of Intersections & Connections curriculum. Kathleen brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the organization as a library and information specialist and public historian with 20 years of experience as a museum and library educator. 

Kathleen is the former Director of the Center for the Teaching of History at the Massachusetts Historical Society and has taught undergraduate history courses at Northeastern University and UMass Boston.