Key Conceptual Underpinnings

IC Key Conceptual Underpinnings

Students are at the center of it all, and honoring and respecting teachers' experience and expertise makes this curriculum work.

Contextualized Pedagogy

Intersections and Connections thematic modules are framed within History UnErased's Inquiry Arc for contextualized pedagogy to offer a more complete - and complex - analysis of the story of America. The flexible instructional design incorporates the experience and expertise of classroom educators and inspires more successful outcomes for all students.  

Critical Analysis of Primary Sources

Complementing instructional resources are unique to History UnErased and designed as a non-judgemental analysis of primary sources. All primary source materials are copyright-secured and curated from both digital and print collections from archives, estates, libraries, and historical societies from across the nation - also the Library of Congress, National Archives, Smithsonian Museum of American History, National Park Service, and more.

Academic and Skills-based Learning Outcomes
Each thematic module is designed to merge three types of learning outcomes: acquisition of civics-based content knowledge, transferable life skills, and enduring essential learnings. An example of each of these is the following: understanding the process of filing a court case and explaining the rationale for its progression through the judicial system; developing literacy skills and citing evidence to support conclusions; understanding the evolving nature of America's democratic ideals of equality.


Accessibility and Sustainability

Intersections and Connections instructional resources are embedded on a unique password-protected portal for each school. Teacher's Guides are offered as quick loading full-color files with printer-friendly grayscale PDFs for classroom reproducibles. The peer-to-peer discussion forum gives each school agency to develop and sustain small learning communities for internal professional support.

Automatic Updates and Revisions

Each school's portal includes feedback surveys that inform History UnErased's annual updates and revisions of thematic modules and instructional resources. 



National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) Position Statement on LGBT+ History

Click the image below to listen to a panel discussion on the implications of the NCSS Position Statement on Contextualizing LGBT+ History within the Social Studies Curriculum. View and download the Position Statement here.