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All teacher’s guides, interactive student guides, and analysis tools are offered as both digital flipbooks and downloadable, writable PDFs. Complementing materials may include videos, instructional posters, podcasts, and/or interactive games and skills-based activities.

Our digital platform for Intersections and Connections instructional resources includes interactive features and support both traditional and remote learning.

The library of resources can be filtered for elementary level and secondary level with additional filters for thematic units, case studies, analysis tools, recursos en Español, and additional resources to create LGBTQ-inclusive classrooms. Each instructional resource has a link to the right of its description to open the instructional resource page.


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All thematic units and case studies include teacher's guides and interactive student guides presented as both digital flipbooks and downloadable, writable PDFs. Additional complementing materials may include instructional posters, videos, podcasts, and/or interactive games. All cognitive organizers and analysis tools are offered in both English y Español.


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Each instructional resource includes a variety of materials for teachers and students. To share the student materials, simply click the "Get student link" button located below the banner image on each instructional resource page (reference image above) and a unique URL will be automatically generated. Simply share the link with students (e.g. chatbox, email, Google classroom). When students open the link, they will only see the materials designated for them. 

The images below show the teacher's view and the student's view of the Pauli Murray instructional resource page. 



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pauli murray thematic unit student view of resource home page


When viewing the digital flipbooks, there are features to enlarge the content, enter full screen, enable a sidebar preview of upcoming content, and a button to download the material as a writable PDF. A recent update to the platform improved the rendering speed for a super-quick transition from page to page. 

The images below show the first two pages of the Pauli Murray Teacher's Guide flipbook and pages from the illustrated story in the Pauli Murray Interactive Student Guide. (This thematic unit is targeted for grade 5.)



pauli murray teacher guide table of contents and page 1 from learners portal


pauli murray student guide page 8 and 9 from learners portal