diverse high school students in hallway between classes


History UnErased's advocacy efforts are focused on the systems that work together to achieve our mission.

Our mission is a long game that requires new curriculum policy at the state level, investment in teacher preparation, and clear and consistent communications with stakeholders--which is everyone. We are providing guidance for educational leaders and politicians as they craft new policies mandating the inclusion of LGBTQ history in their state; ensuring all schools can invest in our teacher preparation; and supporting collaborative efforts to build parent and community support.



Our leadership team co-authored the National Council for the Social Studies Position Statement on contextualizing LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum (2019). Our guidance recommendations for states crafting new curriculum policy outline how the policy will be realized within the calls-to-action in the position statement, including a timeline for communications to school and district leaders, school staff, and parents, and funding teacher preparation.


The teaching of history and social studies has always had unique challenges. This fact is more pronounced today, as we, as a nation, are trying to reconcile with historic discrimination. And introducing LGBTQ-inclusive content is layered with even more complexities which prompt new implications and considerations for educators. Because of this, we have developed a whole-school, sustainable model and we work hard to ensure it is accessible to all. 


Building community support is complex, and our team of experts is uniquely prepared, with decades of experience, to collaborate with stakeholders to build support for LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum. We help educators navigate potential disagreement or discomfort incorporating the unique considerations for classroom teachers, school and district leaders, as well as offering additional informational sessions for full staff, parents, and community members.


"Like History UnErased, we want to make sure that the students and educators who come after us are not just better off, but are better than us, better at understanding, better at empathy, better at creating a world where all people belong." - Tina L. Haefner, President of NCSS