Making Gay History

We have teamed up with Making Gay History - The Podcast to offer you mini-guides on how to use archival audio oral history testimony as a method to introduce LGBT+ history. These mini-guides offer access points in curriculum, suggested learning outcomes and essential questions, additional thematic background information, open-ended questions, intersections with other relevant topics, and connections to current events.


Stonewall UpRising

Stonewall UpRising commemorates the 50th anniversary of the June 28, 1969 Stonewall Inn riots and the subsequent explosive growth of Gay Rights and the LGBT+ movement. This instructional material contextualizes Black, Women, and LGBT+ liberation movements into a more honest reflection of American civil rights. Recommended for grades 10+
Bayard on phone

Bayard Rustin

If you teach the 1963 March on Washington, Journey to Reconciliation, Freedom Rides and/or coalition activism, include Bayard Rustin's never-before-heard archival audio oral history testimony from Making Gay History -- The Podcast and the complementing instructional materials. Recommended for grades 10+
perry watkins mgh podcast post 2

Perry Watkins

This Give Voice to History Project instructional material prompts students to analyze and evaluate how individuals challenge laws, policies, and cultural practices to strive for extensions of liberty, as well as evaluating the concurrence of de jure and de facto discrimination relating to race. Recommended for grades 11+
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Sylvia Rivera

If you teach the counterculture, coalition activism during the civil rights movement, and/or the influence of gender non-conforming people on the LGBT+ movement, include this instructional material featuring Sylvia Rivera. Recommended for grades 10+
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Ellen DeGeneres

If you teach the influence of media on laws, policies, and cultural practices, include this instructional material featuring Ellen DeGeneres. Recommended for grades 8+