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Relevant and dynamic trainings on the infusion of LGBTQ history and academic content

History UnErased (HUE) offers professional learning and development that introduces LGBTQ history and academic content using HUE’s K-12 LGBTQ Academic Inquiry Series and Give Voice to History Project (with the Making Gay History podcast series). Most educators have had little (or no) academic exposure to LGBTQ history; therefore, that is where HUE begins. Educators delve into LGBTQ academic content for the benefit of their own learning and understanding, as well as experiencing methods and strategies of integration for their own classroom practice and respective contexts. HUE’s professional learning experience challenges myths and misperceptions and provides confidence and comfort on the introduction of LGBTQ inclusive academic inquiry in K-12 schools.

History UnErased is a licensed MA ESE professional learning and development provider with the express purpose of preparing educators on the integration of LGBTQ academic content in K-12 schools


History UnErased provides explicit access points in current curricula for the inclusion of LGBTQ academic inquiry in Social Studies, ELA, Fine Arts, STEM and Health courses (and more). Cross-curricula connections are encouraged through critical inquiry and analysis using HUE’s Inquiry EduSystem™ and original resources that are rich in primary and secondary sources and leveled for elementary, middle and high school contexts.


“The workshop allowed us to consider various perspectives, and I found I was able to consider my own individual perceptions
(or misperceptions) of LGBTQ history and issues, as well as look at the larger cultural and historical contexts.”



HUE understands that educators are overwhelmed and confused with the expansion of language surrounding the LGBTQ community, but that they want to learn which terms are appropriate and in step with the language their students are using. History UnErased helps educators navigate the complexities of today’s expansive language with confidence, as well as exploring the origin and historical development of this language.

*Important note: HUE’s K-12 LGBTQ Academic Inquiry Series does not assign today’s language to the past (as that would be ahistorical). All instructional materials include a Teacher’s Guide that provides a glossary of terms, as well as strategies for introducing students to language requisite for working with the inquiry units.


History UnErased’s professional learning and development offers educators the training and resources necessary to forge classroom connections with LGBTQ academic content – providing today’s youth with a richer, more contextual understanding of our collective historical narrative. Integrating LGBTQ history and academic content addresses the social, emotional and academic learning of all students, as well as acting as a tool to mitigate the staggering statistics relating to LGBTQ youth and shape a new generation of more sophisticated global citizens.




History UnErased is available in most U.S. locations and offers a menu of professional development services. Request a quote!

Two HUE participants        Vincent Cianni addressing a group of K-12 educators at Lowell National Historical Park        HUE participants and primary sources        005               


“This is an area neglected in the curriculum, but most especially in the elementary curriculum.  Many early childhood teachers express concern about questioning youth.”

Director of Teacher Preparation

Shady Hill School


I firmly believe in the value of including LGBTQ history within school curricula as the most powerful tool towards ending bullying and combating ignorance.”

Sociology teacher

Burlington High School


People of all ages need to know the truth about gender identity and sexual orientation. It is a question of equality and common human decency.”

History Department Chair

Berwick Academy

MA ESE professional development provider



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