Community Programming

History UnErased welcomes opportunities to speak with religious organizations,
youth groups, parent groups and other community organizations


History UnErased understands that discussions and teachings about LGBTQ history and topics is important for everyone. We have a cadre of experts who can meet the needs of your organization, whether it is diversity and inclusion, historical perspective, and/or language and sensitivity awareness.

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Custom programming offers one or more of the following: LGBTQ visual history exhibits, expert speakers, multi-media academic inquiry

LGBTQ Visual History Exhibits

Educative. Empowering. Engaging.

LGBTQ visual history exhibits feature rare and “never seen before” images and documents from ONE Archives Foundation at USC Libraries. History UnErased complements the visual and text historical record with unique multi-media options that deepen the conception of history. The visual history exhibit offers an “a la carte” menu of panels appropriate for ages 12 – 112.

Expert Speakers

Experience. Activism. Living history.

History UnErased’s cadre of expert speakers will engage everyone with their stories, message and charismatic delivery. Their expertise ranges in topics from transgender youth, Gay Liberation Front activism, the U.S. military prior to “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” anti-bullying prevention, language and sensitivity training, social justice through education and more. (HUE’s speakers reside in New England, New York and California)

Vincent Cianni addressing a group of K-12 educators at Lowell National Historical Park
Deb Fowler is an award-winning urban educator and documentary film producer

Multi-media Academic Inquiry

Everyone needs – and deserves – opportunities to explore LGBTQ history and topics with an academic focus. Discussions of LGBTQ topics through historical, scientific, cultural, social, economic, health and political lenses of understanding are crucial to dispel myths and misperceptions, mitigate fear, and create safer schools and communities.

History UnErased understands that an online platform for exploration and discovery is critical. HUE’s LGBTQ Academic Inquiry Series (including the Give Voice to History Project) are designed using 21st century technology that is streamlined, exciting and available through all media sources. Request more information

“The workshop allowed us to consider various perspectives, and I found I was able to consider my own individual perceptions 

(or misperceptions) of LGBTQ history and issues, as well as look at the larger cultural and historical contexts.”


“Everybody in the world needs to learn about this. This can change the world.”

Refugee from Iraq


“We cannot let ignorance rule any longer. It is so upsetting that this has been erased from our history.”

High school senior


“If I had this in school I wouldn’t have dropped out. This would have changed everything.”

Left junior year 2012

Community programming that is relevant and empowering for every belief system, every ethnicity, every age


How can we serve you? Request more information through our streamlined enquiry form.


                      HUE youth group training at DESE                      20151210_161351                      HUE community group


History UnErased, Inc is a 501(c)3 non-profit



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