UnErasing LGBTQ+ History

Sunday, April 29th from 9:00 – 4:00

Lead trainers: Stacie Brensilver Berman & Daniel Hurewitz

History UnErased (HUE) offers the long-awaited answer to what, where and how to infuse LGBTQ+ history and academic content in core subjects. Participants delve into LGBTQ+ academic content for the benefit of their own learning and understanding, as well as experiencing methods and strategies of integration for their own classroom practice and respective contexts. HUE’s professional learning experience challenges myths and misperceptions and provides confidence and comfort on the introduction of LGBTQ-inclusive content. (Participants will receive PDFs of HUE’s materials and one hard copy of Frank Kameny and the Lavender Scare Inquiry Kit.)

Topics include:

  • Rationale for LGBTQ+ inclusive curricula
  • Overview of LGBTQ+ history
  • Inquiry-based exploration of the Lavender Scare
  • Access points in core content to infuse LGBTQ+ topics
  • Methods and strategies to introduce LGBTQ+ content
  • Evolving language connected to the LGBTQ+ community


“The workshop allowed us to consider various perspectives, and I found I was able to consider my own individual perceptions (or misperceptions) of LGBTQ history, as well as look at larger cultural and historical contexts.”



For LGBTQ youth, learning a more accurate and inclusive history demonstrates that they are not alone, and that others like themselves have championed for LGBTQ equal rights and have contributed to the development of our nation and world. For non-LGBTQ identifying students, learning the stories and history of LGBTQ people develops an appreciation of human diversity, which in turn creates safer schools and communities. This is a visionary approach to disrupt the cycle of bullying and harassment, advance the equitable treatment of LGBTQ people, and continue the path toward lasting equality.


“Everyone in the world needs to learn about this. This can change the world.” – Mohammad, Iraqi refugee, 18

Sunday, April 29th from 9:00 – 4:00

Hunter West Building, 695 Park Ave

501(c)3 non-profit NYC DOE Vendor #HIS852025

Contact: info@unerased.org


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