The sophisticated compassion of today’s youth is HUE’s compass

Anthony Chassi is a graduate student at Columbia University School of the Arts

Anthony Chassi is an incoming graduate student at Columbia University School of the Arts. Anthony became acquainted with HUE while interning for documentary photographer Vincent Cianni at Parsons School of Design in New York City. Anthony’s studies and career goals connect with HUE’s mission as both facilitate discourse regarding social reform through media. Anthony has offered countless hours of editing and educational design to History UnErased’s Comprehensive Units of Enquiry, and recognizes the profound opportunities for education reform through the artistic medium of video. “I am not certain which career path I will follow, but I know one thing for certain: it must involve some type of discourse regarding cinema.”

Arlette Marquez is a Sociology and Peace and Conflict student at Brandeis Universtity

Arlett Marquez, a 2016 Lowell High School graduate, will be attending Brandeis University. Arlett is interested in Sociology and Peace and Conflict studies. Arlett did not hesitate to avail herself of an externship opportunity with History UnErased (HUE). Her passion and commitment to bringing LGBTQ curriculum and more diversity in education to K-12 schools is a perfect fit with HUE.  Arlett aspires to be someone who takes risks and stands up for individuals who are struggling to have their issues heard. “I have seen how hard they work and the things they have to do to get funding while also developing curriculum and presenting at events. Being here and getting to witness that first hand is amazing and a very valuable lesson that I will retain as I begin my journey as a college student, activist and active member of society.” 

Will Franzosa is a Queer & Gender studies, Education and Critical Race Theory student at Hampshire College

Will Franzosa is a rising junior at Hampshire College in Amherst, MA, studying a combination of queer/gender studies, education, youth development, and critical race theory. Will has set out to investigate and develop better health and sex education programs, specifically so they may be better tailored toward LGBTQ youth in school systems. These academic interests come from a lack of representation and education that Will noticed in his own K-12 education, citing comprehensive sex education programs and workshops from youth groups and summer camp as providing him with what he should have been learning in school. “I am excited to work with HUE to learn first hand how to develop and distribute materials necessary to integrate LGBTQ voices into K-12 curricula, as well as assisting in leading workshops to teach educators how to incorporate LGBTQ history and content.”

Manuela "Manu" Sanchez is a Biology Studies student at Sacred Heart University

Manuela (Manu) Sanchez, a 2016 Lowell High School graduate, will be attending Sacred Heart University pursuing a degree in biology. Although Manu’s university studies are not directly connected with HUE’s mission, she wanted to deepen her understanding of the world and learn more about how knowledge of LGBTQ people would impact her future career. “Working with HUE has been a great experience, it has opened my eyes to various things that I was not aware of before. Not only did I learn about LGBTQ history, but being here also taught me a lot about team work. It’s amazing to see how well my two supervisors work with each other. I intend to become a physician’s assistant in the future and having this knowledge about LGBTQ people will help me when interacting with patients of all backgrounds. I hope to always stand up for what I believe and leave a mark on those whom I meet.”

Raekwon Brown is a Political Science student at UMASS Dartmouth

Raekwon Brown is a rising senior at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth pursuing a degree in Political Science. His exceptional academic performance has granted him membership in the Pi Sigma Alpha National Honor Society of Political Science. Raekwon is excited to be working with History UnErased (HUE), as it will provide an insight into LGBTQ issues and the complex policies connected to them. Raekwon learned of HUE through a former teacher at Lowell High School and knew that HUE would offer an excellent opportunity to apply his knowledge and skills. Raekwon’s profound interest in the rights and histories of those who have been overlooked developed after taking several classes in high school that discussed genocide. “Working with HUE will allow me to have a meaningful impact on a very overlooked part of history. Stomping out ignorance and bigotry starts with education.”

Raeanne is a writer, artist and Reike practitioner

Raeanne Santos’s professional and personal life pronounces how storytelling and artistic expression can be effective modalities for healing. Raeanne is a writer and artist, in addition to her entrepreneurial endeavors as a Reiki practitioner and massage therapist. Raeanne’s volunteer work and advocacy are directed toward LGBTQ youth, as well as engaging with community betterment projects in Lowell, MA. In addition to her work with History UnErased, Raeanne is currently contributing volunteer service with PFLAG, Making Art with Artists (MAWA), the Greater Lowell Health Alliance and Lowell’s Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association. Raeanne approaches her professional and volunteer work with a harmonious mix of intrepid spirit and gentle calm. 

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