Greater Lowell PRIDE

The first EVAH Greater Lowell PRIDE Month Celebration is June, 2018! PRIDE parade, Concert & Festival, Dance Party, Lowell Spinners PRIDE Night and more…


Want to participate?

This year’s programming has expanded to a full month of activities – giving you many opportunities to amplify your support of the LGBTQ community, including advertising in the PRIDE Program Book, marching in the PRIDE parade, becoming a vendor at the Concert and Family Event and more!

Check out the PRIDE Calendar of Events!

Each sponsorship level is named in tribute to an aspect of LGBTQ history. Curious? Read a brief introduction to each of the LGBTQ HISTORY tributes.


Why is the Greater Lowell PRIDE Month Celebration important? Despite undeniable advancements for LGBTQ equality, the statistics relating to LGBTQ youth in Massachusetts and homelessness, suicidality, risk behaviors and dropout rates are worsening. The Greater Lowell PRIDE Month Celebration is a grand opportunity to bring visibility to the LGBTQ community and, through the participation and contributions of local businesses, organizations and groups, demonstrate a unified message of appreciation and celebration of human diversity – which in turn works to create safer, healthier schools and communities.

Planning and preparation for the Greater Lowell PRIDE Month Celebration is orchestrated by the Greater Lowell Health Alliance LGBTQ Subcommittee, a group of professionals and community members committed to improving the health and safety of the LGBTQ community and ensuring that ALL members of the Greater Lowell community have access to high quality, inclusive and culturally competent services, supports and educational opportunities.

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