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Salute to Perry Watkins

Perry Watkins never thought he would be drafted into the military in 1968. Why? Because being homosexual would have disqualified him from military service. But Perry Watkins was drafted anyway, and 16 years later became an incidental civil rights champion.
Scotland UnErased

Scotland UnErased!

"I am delighted to announce we will be the first country in the world to have LGBTI-inclusive education embedded within the curriculum", said John Swinney, Deputy First Minister of Scotland. Which country is next?
Boy Erased Garrard

Boy Erased

One person's story can wield tremendous power. The film adaptation of Garrard Conley's memoir Boy Erased by Focus Features Films has hit the big screen and emboldened conversion therapy survivors to come forward and unerase their own story.
Victory for Trans Rights

Victory for Trans Rights!

Last night, Massachusetts made history by becoming the first state to uphold transgender protections at the ballot box! This victory was secured by a trans-led campaign that focused on disrupting myths and misperceptions by introducing voters to their trans neighbors.
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Building a Nation

This visual analysis assessment uses the Angela Ales painting Building a Nation to contextualize the story of America. Ales' video introduction to BUILDING A NATION and biographical information is offered in both English and Spanish. Also included are visual analysis instructions, rubric, and guiding questions. These tools help students organize their evaluation of the form, function, and use of Ales' artistic techniques to convey meaning, and guide their interpretation of who is reflected in BUILDING A NATION by citing historical evidence.
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Thank you to everyone who has publicly, or privately, shared their experience of sexual assault. The impact of your visibility will, eventually and undoubtedly, channel the evolution of our nation toward a more accurate, living interpretation of liberty. Also, thank you to everyone who responded, in your individual ways . . .
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NEW! LGBTQ History in MA

History UnErased’s founders, Debra Fowler and Miriam Morgenstern, participated in the recent revision of the Massachusetts History and Social Science Curriculum Framework as the LGBTQ history and women’s history Content Advisors. Curious about what students will be learning?