Fighting Fear

Why Are We Still Afraid of LGBT+ History?

The proverbial elephant in the room is a result of our collective consciousness yielding to a homophobic anticipation that presumes the inclusion of LGBT+ content is about sexual behavior. It is not. The social construction of LGBT+ individuals has been overly sexualized, and does not consider this identity as something outside the realm of sexual behavior.
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Salute to Perry Watkins

Perry Watkins never thought he would be drafted into the military in 1968. Why? Because being homosexual would have disqualified him from military service. But Perry Watkins was drafted anyway, and 16 years later became an incidental civil rights champion.
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Building a Nation

This visual analysis assessment uses the Angela Ales painting Building a Nation to contextualize the story of America. Ales' video introduction to BUILDING A NATION and biographical information is offered in both English and Spanish. Also included are visual analysis instructions, rubric, and guiding questions. These tools help students organize their evaluation of the form, function, and use of Ales' artistic techniques to convey meaning, and guide their interpretation of who is reflected in BUILDING A NATION by citing historical evidence.
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50 Ways

COMING SOON! UnErased! ReFraming the Lens of History resource book answers the what, where, and how to infuse LGBT+-inclusive history and academic content in a cross-curricular approach. Grades 9+