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In Middle School and Trans

Uh, hi. You guys already know me. I'm here to talk to you about gender. I was standing in front of my 7th grade class at my teacher's suggestion. She thought that if they understood enough about gender, the other students would start using my pronouns, which, at the time were they/them.
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Panel Discussion as Assessment

Panel discussion or forums for summative assessments create healthy competition-like tension, encourage collaboration and are easily scaffolded for ELL students or differently abled students. Panel assessments are easy to assign, the ‘correcting’ is accomplished on the spot and they engage students in collaborative work.
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Yoga and LGBTQ History: Who is Your Teacher?

After another yoga class where I tried to stay on my own mat (this is metaphoric for my non-yogi readers) and not envy the young and dexterous millennial pretzeling on my right or the less dexterous but muscular Gen Y?er to my left, I decided to offer a suggestion to my loving and kind 30-something yoga teacher; why not offer a class for women over a certain age?

AP History

We are two high school seniors who have taken AP American history, which is a two year course. When we look at the curriculum of the Lowell High school Advanced Placement History course, we know we have the basics. The course starts off with the early settlements, moves to World War I and then lands in the roaring 20s.
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UnErasing History

The other night, I was watching a TV show (ok, binge watching a series) and in one scene the investigators used invisible ink on some paper currency to find where the embezzlers were stowing the money (bonus points if you know which show I?m referring to ? hint: the cash was found under the bathroom vanity).