Why Teach LGBT+ inclusive History?

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Rising generations of students are surrounded by LGBT+ topics in the media, pop culture, politics, and current legislation. The time is now to teach all students the historical path and progression of these topics as an integral part of the story of America and to help them make connections to the information that surrounds them in today’s world. The time is now for History UnErased's "Intersections and Connections" LGBT+ inclusive U.S. history curriculum to put LGBT+ history in its rightful place -- the classroom. Learn More



Narrated by Rev. Irene Monroe, co-host of the ALL REV'D UP segment and podcast on WGBH (89.7 FM) of Boston Public Radio, a Boston member station of National Public Radio (NPR). She's a public theologian and syndicated religion columnist. Her papers are at the Schlesinger Library at Radcliffe College's research library on the history of women in America.

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