Which Schools Are Participating in National Pilot of LGBT+ inclusive History?

Pilot Program Schools Image

The first-of-its-kind national pilot of LGBT+ inclusive history includes a cross-section of American schools. 

Teachers from the following schools, which include rural, suburban, urban, private, charter, and public, are making history as they pilot Intersections and Connections LGBT+ inclusive United States History Curriculum.


Academy Charter High School, NJ

Buckingham, Brown and Nichols, MA

Central High School, WI

Edison Intermediate School, NJ

Franklin County Technical School, MA

Hamlin Robinson Middle School, WA

Lincoln Middle School, IL

Logan High School, WI

Lowell High School, MA

Nashoba Regional High School, MA

Roosevelt Intermediate School, NJ

Sandra Cisneros Elementary, IL

Sutton High School, MA

The Victor School, MA

Westfield High School, NJ

Winooski High School, VT


The pilot program is offered through a digital format and includes live professional consultancy, downloadable and quick-loading resources, and a peer-to-peer mentorship forum for teachers.

Intersections and Connections United States History Curriculum develops civics-based knowledge acquisition, historical thinking skills, transferable life skills, and enduring understandings. Learn more here