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My wife and I were married on August 22nd, 2015, almost two months to the day after the Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality -- ALL 50 STATES! We enjoyed our honeymoon in Bar Harbor, Maine and spent an inordinate amount of time in the resort's jacuzzis. 

That is where we met Hadar; in the jacuzzi. Around 11:00 p.m. on an epic evening, one of the staff members approached my wife and me (we were listed on the register as being on our honeymoon) and stated that we had given her hope that her sister (who was living in Florida) may one day find her future wife and live an open, happy life. Hadar chimed in, introduced herself, and we began talking. We covered nearly every topic. Hadar shared her voice with us, in all manners and regards, and then Hadar sang for us. Her voice struck our veins with a soulful impact that gave us the chills.

We knew that Hadar was an instant friend, and my wife and I stayed in touch with her via phone, email and video chats which included her husband Karl, an amazingly talented musician and producer. The idea evolved for Hadar and Karl to write and produce a theme song for History UnErased through the course of our conversations. Then, in April of 2017, Hadar and Karl traveled from Philadelphia to Lowell, Massachusetts to premier "Incomplete" at History UnErased's Just Be Dazzled gala with Carmen Carrera.

WOW! We had asked them to produce a song that is uplifting, conveys the importance of studying history and…makes you want to dance! "Incomplete" delivers both with verve.

"Incomplete" is a mitzvah -- a gift to us all. LISTEN (and dance).

Hadar is a rising pop star who arrived in Philadelphia several years ago after moving from her native Israel.

You can download "Incomplete" on iTunes, Spotify, and all the rest!