On The Front Lines

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We a€™re thrilled to announce Lowell Public Schools participation in History UnErased's "€œOn the Front Lines: Equipping teachers to improve the educational and wellness outcomes of LGBTQ youth." Educators from all nine middle schools in Lowell, MA will participate in this year-long, comprehensive training on the infusion of LGBTQ history and academic content. This program is made possible through a generous grant from the Greater Lowell Health Alliance, as a public health initiative to address the social-emotional and behavioral health of Lowell's youth. This is a progressive step forward for the City of Lowell, and the Commonwealth in its entirety.

The faculty objectives are as follows:

  1. Study LGBTQ-inclusive academic content in core subject areas. Training sessions will include expert speakers, discussions, interactive, multi-media presentations and collaboration among all middle schools
  2. Conduct a classroom action research project, using qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis, to gauge the impact of LGBTQ-inclusive academic content
  3. Selected teachers will have an opportunity to earn (3) graduate credits from Endicott College for their participation

Lowell'€™s longstanding dedication to innovative approaches in education has now reached new heights in establishing a curriculum of equality unprecedented in its public school system. The potential outcomes of this project will lead to a more inclusive environment for all students in the district