Confirmed blog post

Thank you to everyone who has publicly, or privately, shared their experience of sexual assault. The impact of your visibility will, eventually and undoubtedly, channel the evolution of our nation toward a more accurate, living interpretation of liberty. Also, thank you to everyone who responded, in your individual ways, to the injustices you witnessed.

Our hope is that the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court of the United States has forged -- in every community and context -- the opportunity to engage in mindful dialogue about the consuming ethical questions brought to bare throughout the nomination process.

Please be assured that History UnErased is committed to preparing youth to understand their world, including these recent events, through a more accurate lens of history that includes everyone's voice. 


If, by some miracle, women should not ever utter a single protest against their condition, there would still exist among men those who could not endure in peace until her liberation had been achieved. -- Lorraine Hansberry